Management consulting with a communicative,

positive can-do attitude, inspiring motivator driven by change

The 5 reasons why...

Finetune processes


During my 15 years career, I have extended experience in finance, business, controlling and reporting processes. Integrated new various processes at Multinational and Family owned environments. Such as monthly closings, finance end-to-end processes, clear and transparent reporting towards management and BoD.

Managing relations


Managing relations with different parties such as the banks, insurers,..  has been one of my key tasks before.  Building trustworthy relations with external parties is my cup of tea. Authenticity is key in dealing with the right people.

Manager experience


I have a high interest in engineering and a fascination in how things work. I was country controller for over 3 years and part of the board team. Manager Business Controlling, for 9 countries, I started a new way of working as a team with the business. Also Global, matrix, travel, all on my list in the various companies I worked for.

Merge or no merge

I was a key project member for the integration of various brands, companies, divestment of a brand at a multinational. Furthermore I co-designed procedures for integration of various daughter companies post-merger. On processes, systems, motivation,..

Let's do this!


And last but not least. You want a new way of working, spice up your team with a fair amount of motivation and a can-do attitude? I'm the one you need! From all places I worked, I'm still in contact with colleagues and team members. Created, together with my team, a fun self-managing high valued team of true business partners from scratch.


Get them on board! It takes time, understanding and effort...but it is worth if it comes to life.

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